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The Whiteness Of AKKKademia

“Secrets lose their power once they are exposed.”

That is what Dr. Angeline Dean firmly believes. Akkkademia tried to stop her from telling her story, but she prevailed, and this is part one of her story. “We have been keeping everything in the house and in our housed bodies for far too long and it is killing us, literally. It is past time to pull the band-aid off and get healed. In fact, let’s not only talk about it but also dissect it” she asserts. The “it” she is referring to is white injected oppression- a term coined by Baba Wekesa Madzimoyo as his work seeks to heal African Americans of enslavement’s psychosis. Most know this term as internalized racism, yet when using the term internalized racism, she learned that we are re-victimizing the victim.

This book served as Dr. Dean’s autoethnographic account (like that of a biography) of what she experienced by those who profess(ed) to be so access, success, inclusion, justice, progressive, and power -to -the people focused…Yet served as straight up plantation overseers and accomplices. In it, she shares how she is “tired of discussing and hearing about direct encounters from ‘whiteness,’ ‘white delusional supremacy,’ whiteness as property,’ alongside other pro-Black and critical theories while remaining silent, repressed actually, when discussing the social reproduction of whiteness’s sickness and infection upon African American, Black, and Brown people wholistically.


“If a white snake bites me, it’s okay for me to expose that, but if a Black, Brown, Bi-racial or International Black snake bites me, then I am supposed to remain silent while feasting on the poison? No Ma’am! No Sir! In fact- like my uncle used to say, “Ah Hell to the Nawh! I’ve witnessed the afterlife of enslavements abuse toward too many melanated students, African American students in particular. Melanated to be exact-NOT colored in my opinion, because I do not subscribe to BIPOC.”

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